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Lace ID:  Petite Rose 10654-05

Gorgeous imported French Alencon lace is approximately 3" wide.  The "fringe" on this lace is characteristic of alencon laces, but can be trimmed away if desired. This lace can be applied to any style/cut of wedding veil and it is available in all colors.  Browse the Wedding Veil Gallery and the Specialty Lace Veils to see different styles of veils.

Lace veils
can vary dramatically in price depending on the lace chosen, the cut of veil, and the length and fullness desired.  Longer and fuller veils require more lace - therefore will be more costly than shorter, more sheer veils.  Please see chart below.

This lace can be lightly accented with crystals, pearls, rhinestones (or any of our other bead types) for an additional charge.

Below is a Sample Price Chart for popular styles of lace veils.  *Estimated prices assume lace goes all the way around veil edge.
Keep in mind that the chart is just a sample list.  This lace can be applied to ANY LENGTH and ANY STYLE of Wedding Veil.
Length of Veil:
Cut/Style of Veil:
Estimated price of veil with lace Petite Rose 10654-05:
Fullness of Veil:
Examples of this Style and fullness of lace wedding veil:
35" (Petite Fingertip veil)
35" (Petite Fingertip veil)
42" (Fingertip veil)
67" Drop Veil
88" (Chapel lace veil)
108" (Cathedral lace veil)
108" (Cathedral lace veil)
91" - 108"
Standard cut
Mantilla cut (little or no gathers)
Drop Veil
Mantilla cut (little or no gathers)
Standard cut
Mantilla cut (little or no gathers)
Mantilla cut (little or no gathers)
Standard, Mantilla, or Cascading sides cut
Sheer fullness (54" wide)
Sheer fullness (54" wide)
Sheer fullness (54" wide)
Standard fullness (72" wide)
Standard fullness (72" wide)
Standard fullness (72" wide)
Extra fullness (108" wide)
This price is for lace around the bottom edge ONLY.  Plain/cut edging up the sides of veil.  Example.
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 This lace can also have the top carefully trimmed away.  These pictures compare the "untrimmed" to the "trimmed" version.
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